April 29, 2014

Just How Long is a TV Marathon?

Binge-watching TV content is a new American pastime, but being able to fast-track the viewing of a complete show has only been possible (and easy) for a few years now. Even with its short track record, however, the trend has already reached elite buzzword status.

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. Thanks Malcolm, but how long does it take to master The West Wing? 

Binge Shows (Shortest to Longest)Revised

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  • crazyhobo5

    Why did you ignore animated series as contenders for this list? The Simpsons would be the longest. South Park and Family Guy would also be contenders in there.

    • Pete Van Wattingen

      Or could go full One Piece at 644 episodes with an average length of ~24 minutes. Something like 10.7 days.

      • Michael

        pfft.. Days of Our Lives maybe? – that’s well over 200 days of tv watching

      • nightfly_dp

        WWE Monday Night Raw? Well over 1000 episodes either 2 or 3 hours long with overruns of around 10 minutes a show. Take a quarter of that off for commercials and that would take quite a while though maybe not some soaps.

    • nightfly_dp

      FXX is going to do that with The Simpsons later in the summer. Commercials included it is going to take over 11 days to do it.

    • Rasputin Varez

      Family guy would definitely FEEL like the longest

      >Oh god, is it over yet?!?!
      >dude, we’re only half way through the pilot!

  • Cindy Brock Husband

    They forgot SUPERNATURAL. That’s the one my grandson has gotten me hooked on. Started a season one and I am now up to season 8. Dang, this is addicting.

  • Andrew Philip John Piechocki

    Should also have Dr. Who on this list….

    • Jeff Wenz

      and fringe

  • Tim

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • David Christopher

    Let me just sum up all past and future comments:
    “Why don’t you have every television show ever made in this infographic?”

  • Evan Spain

    Four days,twenty hours.

  • Charles

    Does anyone notice there are 25 shows listed, and the last one is 24?

  • Darien LaBeach

    Copying Paste Magazine’s piece–from weeks prior–almost exactly. Now that’s creativity ;)

  • sylontack

    Yeah but when 30 Rock is on the list why do you need any of the other shows?

  • Jeff Wenz

    this doesn’t include bathroom or food breaks…so even longer

  • Brian


  • Guest

    But you forgot 24! Oh wait, never mind

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