May 12, 2014

Binge-Watching Part 2: Become a TV Time Lord

Last month on TOPTEN, we crunched a few numbers to make a handy guide to TV marathons. We’re flattered to find that folks found it life-changing–even life-saving. We’re just glad to share the love of TV! Others, however, noted that there are a lot more than 25 TV shows out there to binge-watch. So we looked at comments from across the web to find out what YOU wanted to see mapped out. We broke out our TI-83s and crunched the run-times below:

Binge Shows Part 2

  • Era

    Um, watching Buffy without watching Angel too is no true binge – just saying. I demand a recrunching of the numbers.

  • wholligan

    No X-Files?